a cupcake sunday

So, Friday was Katelyn's 20th birthday, and so we celebrated all weekend! It was a blast, and I am so not ready to go back to school in the morning--ew. Anyway, here's a recap of the weekend.

On Friday (her actual birthday):

A trip to Smart Cookie.

Chocolate fudge cookies with Mint Chocolate Chip Dreyer's ice cream--yum.

My first experience with Indian food.

I just realized I got no pictures from Saturday, which is totally lame, but I'll still tell you what we did. We went up to Salt Lake with the intention of going to the Gateway Museum where's there's a children's exhibit that involves Sesame Street characters teaching about how the body works; alas, we got up there about an hour and a half after we wanted, and so we didn't go to the museum. The major goal however, was to make it to the new cupcake store, So Cupcake. It's the cutest little store in the more ghetto end of Salt Lake. They make a huge variety of cupcakes and the cupcakes are so delicious! It's locally owned, just opened a few weeks ago, and the owners built it for their daughter, who suffers from celebral palsy. The daughter, Selena, was at the store when we went, and so we all sat down and talked to her for a while. She's really smart! She reads a bunch (and by reading I mean she's read "The Life of Pi" and "The Zen of Falling in Love"--holy molies!) She told us all that she was so glad that we are her friends, and interacting with her was truly a blessing. If you can ever make it up to So Cupcake, you should totally go, and on Saturdays, Selena is there all day. I bought two chocolate cupcakes with chocolate frosting and the best hot chocolate I've ever tasted. It was a way fun evening!

Sunday, we had another cupcake oriented party, and had a bunch of people over for cupcakes and socializing. First, however, this is what happens when you have to walk home in the pouring rain:

It was so nice when we walked to church, and then afterward, it was pouring outside. Now, I know this is not an attractive picture of me, but this is what we looked like when we walked in the door. Good grief.

Katelyn decided to make lemon snowball cupcakes for her birthday, and she had to whip the eggs on her own. Ha we all took shifts whipping really fast :)

I helped by filling the cupcake cups with the batter. Note my dumb wavy hair after it dried after the rain.
And then the power went out . . . when the second batch of cupcakes were still in the oven . . . the batch Katelyn was going to make into lemon filled snowballs. This is my dubious face as I speculate whether or not the cupcakes that are in the oven will make it.

Fortunately, all turned out well, we had a great turn out, and I was just so excited that Katelyn is my friend! Happy birthday pal!

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michelle said...

That's a lot of cupcakes! I have been wanting to check out So Cupcake as well. I've never been to Smart Cookie, either, but I've had cookies from there at a party, yum. What's the deal with you guys not having a hand mixer? I've tried whipping egg whites by hand -- YIKES.

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