jumbled miscellany

I meant to post that last post Sunday night, but didn't. I meant to post more this week, but didn't. I mean to write more on almost all of the following bullet points, but won't.

  • 4 tests this week=intellectual breakdown
    • Monday: Physical Science, 87 percent, wanted to get it out of the way
    • Tuesday: Living Prophets, 91 percent, easy peezy lemon squeezy
    • Wednesday: Civ, don't know what I got, was worried, but actually feel pretty good about it
    • Thursday: Grammar, don't know what I got, feel pretty good about it, diagrammed my heart out in the testing center
  • New favorite artists: Josh Kelley, Jon McLaughlin, Kate Nash
  • Wonderful spring-ish weather this week
  • worked out twice so far this week, wanted to work out more--need to step up my work out game
  • bought Drano today to unclog disgustingly clogged sink; will hardcore clean the bathroom tomorrow
  • signed fall housing contract today
    • To Jessie: My original housing plans for fall fell through, leaving me with no one to live with. My so awesome and cool friends Erica and Katie wanted me to live with them, so I said yes, but they'd already picked a place to live, which is really fine with me; I'm not too picky. I'll be living with Erica and Katie in . . . The Colony. Because I love you, I will endure your mocking.
  • not-so-great violin lesson because of lack of practicing in the past 2 weeks--need to step up my game on that too
  • 1 week from this very moment, I'll be back home in Denver for the weekend to see Emily's musical. Can't wait.
  • Good mail from Kristi: way cute ribbon and a thank you note--a great way to end my week last week
  • Good mail from Jill: cute thank you note for a CD I sent
  • weekend plans: 24 marathon with Brooke tomorrow night, practice violin, group project for grammar, working out, being cool
And finally:
  • This was in the Daily Universe a few days ago. We have a copy of it on our fridge.
    • Chill out

      My name is Nathan. You have probably seen me standing outside wearing my cloak. Until recently it was my habit to stand around and sing in between classes to amuse myself. It struck me as a fairly harmless activity that, while a bit unusual, was nevertheless rather mundane. Furthermore, I had gotten only pleasant comments from the passers by.

      Imagine my surprise, then, when I was stopped by a policeman who had gotten a call from someone about me. He told me it was well within my rights as a BYU student to stand outside in the cold and sing in between classes. I found the incident amusing and, though I thought the whole matter a little strange, continued my singing. What I found less amusing was the police officer stopping by approximately a week later to tell me that I had to stop, that I was disturbing the peace, and that I would be issued a citation if I continued. Needless to say, I no longer sing outside at BYU.

      Why am I going to the trouble of writing this? Because I find the whole incident greatly troubling. First, it seems wrong for a student at BYU to be stopped from doing something D&C 25:12 calls a prayer. More than that, however, I am disturbed by the way in which my singing was handled. I am bothered by the fact that whoever had something against my singing called the police instead of heeding the advice in D&C 42:88 to talk to me by myself.

      I am also bothered by the fact that BYU police seem to value the appeasement of a small but vocal minority over any actual laws or rules (which, I remind the reader, I was specifically told I was not breaking). And I'm also somewhat bothered by the fact that this whole incident has worked to support the valuing of conformity over tolerance. In short, I think that some BYU students need to chill and I think that the BYU police need to grow a spine.

      Nathan Langford
      River Falls, Wisc.

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michelle said...

4 tests, yikes. Bet you're glad those are all over!

It's definitely good to know what your living arrangements next year will be, even if it is The Colony. :)

Going home for Emily's play sounds great!

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