the ultimate care package

So, had I received a package with this hilarious, yet creepy image a couple of weeks ago, it would have made me laugh and then cry for homesickness, but thankfully, now that the pangs of homesickness have subsided for the most part, this package just made me laugh. Inside was a most amazing Valentine's Day care package. Here is what I found inside:

A large assortment of goodies, including Reese's peanut butter hearts, homemade divinity, and a giant banana chocolate chip bar heart. Also included was a $10 McDonald's gift card from Jacquelyn to use for soft serve ice cream runs, two way cute heart dishtowels, and a super, super cute heart shaped plate with red polka dots.

Mom sent the cutest dress that I will wear tomorrow with a 3/4 sleeved shirt underneath, and leggings. My Shade shirt I bought a couple weeks ago was also included in the package.

Razor blades and tampons were also included--I hate spending my limited funds on boring things like that, so it's great when someone else buys them for me!

Super cute Valentine candy candles--I'll probably keep them for display for a while :)

Grandma included her cute red purse I've always liked. As she told me today, "Charlotte, I just have too many purses. It's embarrassing."

Tucked in with the other goodies was this amazing ad for these amazing pants . . . well, they're not really that amazing. Mom even filled in the order form for me; apparently I'm signed up for 3 pairs of lilac pants, 2 pairs of lime pants, and an assortment of other attractive colors . . . thanks Mom. ;)And this is the best part: Scarecrow. He was a Happy Meal toy from many moons ago and we all wondered what in the world this was doing in a children's meal, because it's just so incredibly frightening. Its arms and legs move, its head can turn all the way around, and its eyes close. We hide it around the house for others to find. He managed to sneak his way into the Reese's bag, with some help from my mother.

So, pretty much this was the best package ever. I was visited with laughter, cuteness, clothes, and a small degree of Scarecrow horror. What could top that?

1 comment:

Diana said...

Your mom is the best!
I am very jealous of your package.
And yes that scarecrow is really creepy looking.

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