just weird

So, last night after orchestra, I was packing up my stuff, getting ready to leave, and all of a sudden I hear our second chair, singing--yes singing--the music we'd just finished playing, complete with grace notes and trills. Weird. I seriously wonder if he has friends--he's so odd. He does this all the time, and I just don't get it. Our first chair wasn't there last night, and so he got to tune the orchestra, and he directed it like he was the conductor or something . . . weird.

Second order of weirdness:

And yes, that is Randy Jackson.


michelle said...

Paula & Randy, now that is weird. I never would have predicted she would come out with a music video now. And what's with the picture at the end with Ryan & Simon?

The guy in orchestra, definitely weird. Maybe the music is so ingrained in his mind it just comes out his mouth. Our maybe he's one of those people like me who can hum or sing without necessarily being aware of it. It's embarrassing.

Diana said...

weird weird weird.

Llamaly said...

Hmmm. The serenading violinist sounds like the cellist at all-county who recorded the conductors comments, then perused them during the break. Crazy people.

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