Conference Weekend

I just love Conference weekend! Conference weekend is like a vacation to me, and it was such a needed and rejuvenating break to be able to sit and listen to our living prophets speak to us. The cable in my apartment is being really weird, so Katelyn and I went over to Josh's apartment to watch all the sessions of Conference. I took some great notes, and also was able to just sit and listen without taking notes--I think both approaches have their advantages.

Favorite talks include:
  • Elder Wirthlin's about those who are lost
  • Elder Scott's about abuse
  • Elder Oaks's about testimonies
  • Elder Bednar's about prayer
  • President Uchtdorf's about the faith of our fathers
  • President Monson's closing testimony
  • And so many more!!
The thing I loved the most though about this Conference was the opportunity I had to stand in the Solemn Assembly. I've been looking forward to that ever since we learned about it in my Living Prophets class after President Hinckley's death. I loved standing with Katelyn in the living room, knowing that my mom, and so many others I love were standing with me; I loved seeing Josh and his roommates stand, knowing that my dad, grandpa, and other priesthood holders were standing at the exact same time; I loved knowing that my brother was standing with other Aaronic Priesthood holders all throughout the world; I loved standing with everyone, knowing that millions of members all over the world were standing with me. I felt so unified with so many people I love, even though so many of those I love are far away. I loved the strength I felt I was giving to President Monson. I loved being able to sustain him and mean it, knowing that he is, in truth, a prophet of God. I love loving being a member of the Church!


April said...

I can't agree more what an amazing experience it was to participate in sustaining the new prophet. I feel sad for everyone who decided to watch it later or not at all! I loved Elder Ballard's talk, just what every young mom needs to hear!!

michelle said...

Yes, I agree, there was definitely something special about participating in the solemn assembly -- seeing Max stand with the Aaronic Priesthood holders, watching Eva's excitement for her turn to come, knowing that as I stood, so many of my loved ones did as well.

Denise said...

I love being a member of the church, too! And I love you.

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