ideas anyone?

So, Katelyn and I are staying in our apartment for spring term, and our other roommates are moving out. We are desperately hoping that we won't get new roommates for the next 7 weeks. We have so many fun plans that would be best if it were just the two of us in the apartment. I'll honestly be surprised if we get new roommates, but not wanting to count our chickens before they hatch, we're devising plans to chase our hypothetical new roommates out of the apartment. Here's what we've come up with so far:

  • For one day, we get work off and spend the entire day in our grubby clothes watching soap operas, eating gallons of ice cream, and crying over boys. Emotional dysfunctionality might be enough to chase some away.
  • Be really, really loud late at night and early in the morning. A forced lack of sleep could really do the job.
  • Never take out the trash. We could accumulate a few bags and place them strategically around the apartment to greet hypothetical new roommates. They wouldn't be actually full of garbage--just look it.
  • A sign on our door with skulls on it saying KEEP OUT.
And my personal favorite:
  • Label ALL of our stuff in the apartment.
    • "These are mine and Katelyn's kitchen chairs--you can't sit in them."
    • "This is Katelyn's TV--you can't watch it."
    • "This is our couch--you have to sit in that one."
    • "This is my mirror--you can't look in it."
    • "This is my lamp--you can't use it."
Seriously, what more do you need to drive out unwanted spring roommates?

Any ideas??


Denise said...

The skull sign sounds pretty good to me. Your suggestions could back-fire, however, if you have would-be roommates who are drawn to emotional disfunctionality. You could try never doing the dishes and cultivating a sour milk smell throughout the apartment, leaving dishes in bedrooms, etc. It depends on how far you're committed to this plan.

Emily has another idea: use the extra bedroom (theirs) to store all dirty laundry and said dishes.

HotBuns said...

I know. Walk around listening to heavy metal crazy screaming music with your iPod extremely loud and when they would ask a question either ignore them or yell the anwser back. It will work.

Jill said...

I think the labeling everything plan is the best one. You could also mutter incoherently to yourself and invade their personal space if they come to look at the place, that should do it!

michelle said...

I too like the labeling idea the best! That would really get them feeling like intruders...

Diana said...

I hope that you don't get new roommates it's so fun when it's just two.
I too like the labeling one. I couldn't do anything with messes, just joking about it makes me uncomfortable, I know I'm a nerd and a neat freak.

Diana said...


Love your blogs new look

April said...

I laughed a lot at all your ideas and I understand completly about wanting to have the apartment to yourself for a while. (I had some really bad roommates in college.)

But on a more serious note, the only roommate who I am still good friends with today was a random roommate that moved in one summer and we just clicked. When my other good friend (who was my roommate also) and I had a falling out, it was good to live with this other girl who then became one of my bridesmaids when I got married.

So long story short, give summer roommates a chance. They are not living with you very long!

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