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So, I just recently checked my friend, Leslie's, blog this morning, and had quite an enjoyable time reading her posts from the past couple of weeks. Much to my surprise (and shame that I didn't check her blog a week and a half ago), I was tagged. So, here it goes.

10 Years Ago
Ten years ago, I was in the 4th grade, and had probably just started playing the violin. Mom and Dad were wary about my wanting to play the violin, but I said I would practice, and I did. Now I've been playing for ten years, and I've loved it most of the time. I love my violin!!

5 Things on My To-Do List Today
1. Work on my civ paper comparing the searches for knowledge of both Socrates and Oedipus. I'm pretty close to finishing.
2. Cook dinner. I'm making homemade mac and cheese, and Josh is coming over for dinner.
3. Bake first bag of taste testing oatmeal cookies, and answer questionaire. Who knows how this could go?
4. Continue writing the Budget Office handbook. I know--it's fascinating.
5. Will my internet in my apartment to start working again.

What I would do if I were suddenly a billionaire
I would pay off my entire schooling, buy a car, purchase a Mac, get a cabin up in Steamboat Springs, and put the rest into some sort of investment or savings account. Don't forget the trip to Borders where I would buy anything and everything I wanted. If I could, I'd also buy some more time so I could read what I bought at Borders.

Places I've lived
Provo, UT
Lakewood/Golden/Wheat Ridge, CO
Grandma's house
Katelyn's dorm room

Things Most People Don't Know About Me
I actually think science is interesting--I just hate the boring, stupefying GEs I have to take.
I can type 70-75 wpm.
I love using Adobe InDesign.
Tuna fish sandwiches are my favorite.
I hate sleeping on the top bunk.

I tag Michelle, Diana, Jill, Jessie, and April!


Diana said...

Sorry to hear your internet is still down.
Great post. I had no idea you liked Science. You're pretty modest in what you'd do if you were a billionaire.
I really want to see you :)

Melissa Marilyn said...

Tuna huh? Surprising!

I think that you could do a few more things with a billion dollars! ;)

April said...

Wait... I am still new to bloging, what does it mean to be tagged?

michelle said...

Oops! I'm just now seeing this! Guess I'll have to get my responses ready...

Sorry, but it is just so weird to think that 10 years ago you were in 4th grade! 10 years ago I was a young mother of 2 year old Max. That makes me feel kind of old.

So how were the taste testing cookies?

Robin said...

Sorry for being so lame in my checking of blogs lately! It's so fun to read your blog.

And good choice on the cabin in Steamboat - love that place. Hopefully we get to go up there over Memorial Day...haven't been up to my folk's place in almost 2 years! That's pretty ridiculous.

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