dedicated to Brooke: my newish computer

So, I was talking to Brooke yesterday, and she whined that I haven't been posting lately. Brooke, this post is dedicated to you.

As mentioned in previous posts, my computer was so on the fritz. It was ridiculous. Once nothing started showing up on the screen, I took it in to the BYU computer shop, and they supposedly fixed it. It took almost four weeks for me to get my computer back, they sent it back, and then two or three days later, it started doing the same thing again. Dad was able to hook up my lame-o computer to our huge old monitor. It was pretty ridiculous.

Feeling at a loss for what to do about my computer, I was ready to give up. Mom was talking to her boss about my computer woes, and then he said that he just happened to have an extra computer lying around. It was a pretty great answer to prayer, for sure. It has all the new Microsoft programs, and he is letting me work out a payment plan for it. I'm so glad that this came through--I was really upset and frustrated. Hopefully, this one won't completely spazz out.

So, Brooke, that was a post just for you. It's nothing exciting--just the mundane happenings of my summer life.


Diana said...

What an answer to a prayer. Your family's prayers seemed to be answered in the best ways.
Glad you have a new computer. Is it a laptop also?

Denise said...

Hooray for Rob!

brooketolman said...

excuse me, i was NOT whining. I just merely happened to mention that i love hearing about your mundane life and you should post about it more often. thank you very much!

michelle said...

What a great blessing!

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