a summer morning

For most of the summer (with the exception of the drug den job) I've had at least my mornings free. With my lack of regular full time work, most mornings this summer have been pretty laid back and chill. I don't usually have a car to go anywhere (until I got this great-day-Sashco job), and usually John and Sarah are home. Most of my mornings are pretty much the same, and I really don't have too much to complain about.

I get to sleep in until scriptures, or if we don't read scriptures in the morning, I sleep in until about 8:30 or so. Then I get up and shower (if I need to) and leisurely get ready while listening to Harry Potter on my iPod. Usually I proceed to have a bowl of cereal while reading my book, and then I turn all the fans upstairs to blow out air out of the house and I shut the windows to keep any trace of cool air inside the house. I then head downstairs and write articles (if I have a batch to work on), watch a TV show or two on the DVR, or read. Today I mixed up some banana chip bars before I left for work. It's pretty quiet and having just me and the kids usually isn't so bad. It's a great time to read my scriptures and have quiet, meditative time--I take the mornings for me-time. When I get home, that's when I like to be around people and help out and be in the hubbub of things. The mornings are for me.

There are a couples of cons, however, to this having-the-mornings-off thing. Being in charge of Sarah is exhausting. I don't like it that Mom works in the morning and is home in the afternoon, while I am home in the morning, but work in the afternoon. Sometimes it's too quiet and lonely, and I'd really just like to have someone around. Sometimes I have a hard time being productive and motivated. When I have only a few hours in the morning to get stuff done, it's hard to find the drive to start things, because I think, "Well, I have to leave for work in an hour, anyway."

All things considered, though, my schedule isn't too bad. For money reasons, I'd love to be working full time, but I really feel like this Sashco job is a blessing and the job I should be working. It pays a lot, and I have accepted that I won't be able to save everything I need to for the next school year, so stressing out about that is pointless, since I won't be able to save it all anyway. I'm trying to just take advantage of this laid back summer schedule, because I probably won't have another summer like it (or another laid back schedule, period) for a while.

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michelle said...

"Being in charge of Sarah is exhausting." Indeed. But how great is it to have that knowledge pre-motherhood? Invaluable, I'd say. As is a laid-back schedule. Enjoy!

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