getting behind throws me off

I can't remember the last time I didn't post for a week and a half . . . . When I get out of a groove, it's sometimes hard to get back into the groove. Fortunately, I have been taking pictures of my happening over the summer, so I'll post those as a recap of my summer antics.

Nick, Mom, and Dad getting breakfast ready up in the mountains on the Fourth.

Our new dog, Moosey--thanks Jess :)

We love her lots!

Mom, Em, and me up in the mountains

John and Emily goofing off with the festive Fourth of July straws

Sarah playing ball with Melissa and Jacquelyn (not pictured)

Emily and me on her 18th birthday

Emily and I had a Mary Kate and Ashley night: "The Challenge" and "Holiday in the Sun"=quality movies (hahahaha)

Emily, our friend Michael, and I went ice blocking (definition: sliding down a hill on a block of ice--it's like sledding for summer)

We then went to McDonald's to get some dollar ice cream sundaes. There was a really creepy, somewhat emaciated Ronald McDonald sitting on one of the tables--we sat there to be daring.

I went to a party at Rachelle's to say farewell to our friend Mikayla, who is going to study abroad in Germany for a year.

So, it's been busy, but I've been having a good time. I can't believe it's already been almost four weeks since I came home and before I know it, I'll be back at school for fall semester. I'll do a real post about other happenings soon--I just couldn't face doing real posts about all of these events: getting behind really throws me off.


brooketolman said...

i LOVE your dark hair!

Ooo La La said...

You have a DOG?!!

emily said...

That was such a fun week! I love our family, and I love that we have been buddies this summer. I love you!

Diana said...

Your hair is beautiful.
That Ronald is creepy. Your summer sounds like so much fun. Please let get together in the Fall, you and Emily can come over whenever you want :)

michelle said...

That picture of you, Em, and your mom is adorable!!

I could not have been more shocked when I found out you guys were taking Moosey...

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