and I'm back

Thanksgiving was amazing. Emily and I went home on the 22nd and just got back today. I love being able to go home for such extended periods of time. I had a paper to write and a bunch of reading to do and some worksheets. Did I do any of it? . . . Nope. This is what I did instead.


Jill said...

What a great, extended break, you're a lucky, lucky girl!

michelle said...

Lucky indeed! I wish I had been at your house, making turkeys, documenting the hilarity, admiring the Christmas decorations, and eating the good food!

Or being taken care of by my mom and grandma for a good long time.... those were the days!

Diana said...

very lucky my friend. I just love hearing about your family adventures. The pictures look like you had a great time.
Just think how fast it will be and you'll be home for Christmas!
Lets get together in a few weeks for our movie night.
I don't know if you heard but Robin's mom died. I bet she'd love to hear from you.

Denise said...

Hard to believe that one week ago today was Thanksgiving. Crazy how fast time goes! It sure was fun having you both home--can't wait for Christmas!

Oh, and I love that picture of you, Dad and I!

Susan said...

I almost feel like I was there!

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