the fruits of my labors

After 5 1/2 hours in the library:

I wrote two papers and completed a take-home essay midterm. Phew! Thankfully, Emily happened to come to the place where I was studying, so we studied together while swapping Facebook messages alluding to our planned excursion to "High School Musical 3." (HSM3 was stellar, by the way.)

Unfortunately, 5 1/2 straight hours in the periodicals killed my brain so I wasn't able to finish my regular homework and assignments for Monday. Oh well. I wrote 14 pages of essays and tests, so I call that productive. And those hours just made me all the more excited for Emily's and my trip home in a mere 20 days from today!!


Denise said...

"My prom is wherever you are!"

michelle said...

two papers and a midterm in 5 1/2 hours is super-productivity! way to go!

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