a starchy, splendid Friday

Here is my splendid Friday night all to myself:

Yes, I do starch and iron my jeans. I know. I'm serious. I love how they fit after such an iron and starch, I love how they smell, I love how crisp they are, I love how they make my butt look. ;)

How better to spend a weekend night in your apartment that you have all to yourself? Read some Jude the Obscure, read a Conference talk or two to speed along the psychological recovery from reading Jude the Obscure, pop in a disc of Gilmore Girls, iron your freshly washed jeans, and top off the evening with a hearty bowl of Dreyer's mint chocolate chip.

Voila: starchy and splendid.


michelle said...

I'm impressed with your starch & iron dedication. I love the way it makes things look, but I just can't seem to iron things beyond Sunday shirts, etc. (however, if it would make my butt look any better...)

Denise said...

"Train up a child in the way he should go. . ."

Susan said...

Definitely a Petersen girl!

Try your sheets too! I'm all over the ironing gene we inherited from Grandma!

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