ode to a favorite pair of jeans

I love jeans in general, but I do have a favorite pair. They used to be my dressier jeans, but after countless times of wearing them, they're now my Saturday jeans.

I first got them when I was in high school. The dad of one of the girls in Young Women was a truck driver, and he was delivering a shipment to the GAP, and some of the boxes spilled and the merchandise fell out. The store couldn't sell it, so he got to keep it. I was over for an activity and left with a really nice, way cute pair of GAP jeans.

I love them. Every time I wash them and then put them on again, they fit perfectly. The boot-cut is ideal, the length quintessential. I wear them all the time. Now, they're pretty worn, and because of the hole in the knee, I call them my rocker jeans. I only wear them on Saturdays or on days when I dress up and come home needing to be comfortable. Even though they're holey Saturday (ha) jeans, they still look cute and can give my otherwise grubby look a certain nonchalant, casual flair.

Just last time I washed them, I noticed a fraying patch in the nether regions--distressing. I think I'll take them home with me in **6 DAYS!!** and see if Mom can prolong their life just a bit longer.

It's been at least four years, so it would be about time to toss them. I just can't. I need a pair of worn, nonjudgmental, loyal jeans--I'm not ready to give them up yet.


michelle said...

Man, I could really use some nonjudgmental, loyal jeans too! Hope your mom can work some of her magic.

Jill said...

It's so sad when a favorite pair of jeans starts to give up its life. I hope your mom can help them out.

I'm also impressed that you can wear jeans that you wore in high school!

Denise said...

Oh dear. I'm having flashbacks to Elder Esselman, who would bring me hideously torn pairs of pants, expecting me to "fix" them. Jacquelyn expects the same thing with her jeans.

I make no promises.

But because I love you, I guess you should go ahead and bring them home for me to have a look at. . . .

Diana said...

there is nothing like a good favorite pair of jeans, I haven't had a pair that I absolutely LOVE since HS. how sad, good pairs but not THE pair!
Hopefully your mom can work her magic.

Susan said...

I'm pretty sure your Mom is in good practice for mending.....with Grandma's sheets and all.....tee hee

I never get to wear a pair of jeans long enough for them to even start to show wear!! On occasion, when I wear them to work, I get rave comments from my staff on me having them on!! What's with that?

Hope they make it back in circulation.

Robin said...

Oh man, a perfect pair of jeans is so hard to come by. I had 2 pairs back at the end of high school/early college that I just loved, but they ended up getting huge holes in the butt that just became too obvious. I mourned the loss of those jeans, and wished I had had the foresight to buy extras.

I hope Denise can work some magic! (:

Suzie said...

I stumbled upon your blog via Dan's "The Ecchoing Green," and randomly clicked on a link. It lead me to this post of yours, at which point I gasped. Just yesterday I reluctantly retired my own pair of favorite jeans when they tore along a weak spot in the fabric. It was surprisingly traumatic to lose the companionship of such a great pair of jeans. I was sorry to see them go and keenly felt the loss this morning when I dressed. What kind of jean, you ask, could inspire such attachment? The Low Rise Boot Cut from GAP, of course! :) I hope you found a way to salvage your pair.

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