Conference recap

So school has been so incredibly busy that I haven't gotten a chance to blog about my awesome weekend!

Michelle invited Emily and me over, and we ended up spending the whole weekend with her and her family. Watching Conference is just so much more enriching for me when I watch it with my family; and despite my immediate family living five hundred miles away, I feel such a closeness and solidarity knowing that they are watching the exact thing I am at the exact same time. Testimonies are so unifying.

Saturday night, my grandparents from Canada took Emily and me out to dinner. We didn't know they were planning on coming into town until we got a call from them on Thursday night--what an amazing surprise! It was so great to see them; because they live in Canada, we're never quite sure when we'll next get to spend time with them. Much to my blogger dismay, I didn't a get picture :( It was definitely a highlight of my weekend, though.

Another major highlight was doughnut night on Saturday!! It was Michelle's first foray into doughnut making, and I will testify that she is a born doughnut maker!! Delicious :) We all watched Conference on Sunday and then had Sunday dinner. We played games and just relaxed and had fun together. I had such a great time, and I left wondering why Emily and I don't come over more. And now next semester, Michelle and her family will be in Paris. Blast. (For us, not them :) )

I wish I had more time to thoroughly document all aspects of my weekend, but alas, the clock is telling me that I need to get back to writing my essay exam. (I have been thoroughly unproductive in the school department today.) So here are some quick highlights from my Conference experience:
  • Live providently--in such times as these, we need to learn to live within our means, and we'll be okay.
  • We need to become acquainted with the voice of the Holy Ghost.
  • Obedience gives us greater control over our lives.
  • Covenants produce the faith necessary to persevere.
  • Our opportunity to face adversity manifests God's infinite love for us.
  • If we do all we can to be worthy of the Lord's help, we will have no need to fear.
  • Learning lessons from the past helps us build our testimonies.
  • Doubt is not a principle of the gospel.
  • Prayer will fortify us against temptation
  • We should enhance our prayers with song and fasting.
  • Nothing but the gospel of Christ gives us a permanent solution.
  • We are endowed with the spirit of fire
  • Discipleship is a journey--we demonstrate to ourselves the extent of our own faith and endurance.
  • We must remember who we are and what we have.
  • To those who are alone, feel alone, or are abandoned, remember that Christ experienced true and absolute loneliness so that we would never be truly alone. We are never left alone or unaided, even when we feel that way.
  • May we always stand by Jesus Christ, for that is how he stands by us.
  • Let's take our thoughts away from our troubles and instead focus on our blessings as members of the Church of Christ.
  • If we stay with Christ, there will be nothing that can defeat us.
  • Satan desires to make us common, while Christ desires to make us precious and unique.
  • Temple preparation should be the focus of all we do.
  • Member-oriented missionary work is what will bring success. Our full-time missionaries are trained to teach--let's give them those opportunities by finding them people to teach.
  • If we haven't already, we need to make an active decision of whom we will serve.
  • We need to nourish our testimonies--they will protect us.
Okay, so those are a lot of highlights--it was just a great conference!!

I'll blog more about my life when I have a minute to breathe.

PS--What's up with Michelle, Emily, and me not getting a SP?!?


michelle said...

I loved reading your notes! And I'm so glad you guys stayed for the weekend, let's do it again.

Diana said...

What a fantastic weekend. So glad you were with Michelle. I have no doubt she is great at donuts, she is such a great cook/baker.
We are almost done with Season 7!

Susan said...

I really think I have loved reading my family's conference highlights almost as much as the real thing! It is very inspiring for me to realize the committment you have to the Savior and I really want to print your list off tomorrow when I can! I need to look at it over and over.

I was just musing over the financial dilemas of my small business and prior to reading your notes, the Spirit has prompted me that I only needed to turn to prayer and not try to figure our such a complicated and seemingly impossible talk by myself. I felt a degree of comfort and if I can put my faith to the test, I should feel a great deal of comfort. With your list at hand, I think I can do it. Thanks!

Glad you had such a fun weekend with Michelle. She is lucky to have you close and you are lucky to be close! I wish we were all close.... love you.

Denise said...

Yeah, what's up with no SP??!

I love your notes, and especially your observation that "Testimonies are so unifying." I love the solidarity of watching together in different places (even though I would love it more to watch in the same place :))

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