Till September

VT email reminder--check
BYU Magazine editing/proofreading/writing tests--check
Heidegger research paper--check
Money to Alison--check

Student ratings--check
Print final supervisor eval and give to Don--check
Tolstoy research paper--check

Essay exam 2--check
Banana chip bars for class party--check
whisk copies: $23.49 per copy. Yikes.--check
Scholarship deadline--check

"A Boring Story"--check
Buy a new D-string--check
A Grief Observed--check
Change Ensign mailing address--check

"The Forged Coupon"--check
Internship paragraph of advice--check
Internship paper--check

Editing portfolio--check
Lit/Film final paper--check
Hadji Murat--check

Final whisk log to Bro Gardner--check
Tolstoy take-home final--check


Jill said...

Wow!! I so DON'T miss being a student, it's overwhelming to even think about it anymore. Your last picture is great!

michelle said...

Seriously! That was a lot of big items on the list! What a feeling of accomplishment to have it all done. LOVE the last photo.

Denise said...

That last photo is indeed fabulous, and reading your list makes me really glad not to be a student!

Counting the days until Saturday!!!

Petey said...

Sweet Bliss!!

Diana said...

yay! I love that last photo of you.

Susan said...

Sweet! And, congratulations!!

The problem with my check lists is that they never end! I would love to have such a final cut off point as this--the end of a semester!

It might be worth going back to school for.

Great last shot, and I love the whole post layout! Good going, happy home soon!

John Wood said...

I believe in you Charlotte! Your just amazing and i'm so excited to have you and Emily back soon!

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