blur of a week and back at home

Last week flew by!

After I

  • finished my internship with the Maxwell Institute
  • got an internship for next fall and winter with BYU publications
  • saw the Hannah Montana movie with my roommates
  • watched 24
  • packed my stuff into 8 to 10 bins plus a dresser
  • cleaned all the kitchen cabinets for cleaning checks
  • went to a game night with my friend Cheyne
  • went to Red Robin for a chocolate shake with Michael
  • finished off the fifth season of Gilmore Girls (watched while packing of course)
  • stopped by and visited one of visiting teachees
  • fit all my stuff plus Emily's into a storage unit once Dad came into town
  • stopped by and said hi to Michelle & Co.
  • ate dinner with Dad's cousins
  • got new tires for the car after one of the tires went completely flat
  • stopped by and hung out with Brooke and then with Katelyn
  • an 8 to 9 hour drive through southern Utah and the Rockies
I'm home for four months!


Jill said...

I hope you have a wonderful summer at home!

Susan said...

Welcome home! I know how much your Mom is loving it. And, I can't wait to see you in a few weeks!!

michelle said...

I hate that end of the year wrap-up, especially the packing and storing part. Whew!

Now, isn't there ANY way you guys would want to sell your Fall contracts and live at my house rent-free???!!

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