Where Two Worlds Collide

I've spent the majority of my time over the past week and a half in the heart of downtown Denver covering reception at an environmental engineering company, and I've gained a much more educated perspective on the concept of the metropolis.

I love it.

Adele sings this song "Hometown Glory," and at one point sings, "I love it in the city where two worlds collide." Exactly. I have my own suburban, relatively sheltered world colliding with the hustle-bustle-make-it-or-break-it-I'd-like-a-grande-latte-please world of downtown Denver. And while they collide, they don't crash; my own world takes on a different meaning, and for the moment, I'm swallowed into the life of the city, a life made up of the lives of thousands--if not millions--of disconnected people who all lead their lives within their own worlds that collide with the city's.

I love the sleepy sun that can't break over the skyscrapers at 7:15 in the morning as I get off the bus at 17th and Welton.

I love pushing my way through the revolving door and swiping my pass to use the elevator before 7:30.

I love the rush up the elevator as I speed to the eleventh floor.

I love sitting in the open plaza at the metal table reading The Bell Jar during my breaks.

I love strolling down to the 16th Street Mall to grab a Jamba Juice, listening to the music coming from the shops fight with the sounds of the light rail.

I love walking past the the Brown Palace and smelling the petunias.

And yet, still, when I leave at 4:30 and catch the bus, I can't wait to be driven back to my nook of the world where everything makes a little more sense, where I don't have pretend that I know what I'm doing when really I don't, where affectation isn't necessary, where I know I belong.

Thanks, dear readers, for indulging my reflections on being urban.


a-man-duhhh said...
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a-man-duhhh said...

Hey, you know what? I love your blog Charlotte! I'm in Seattle for the summer while Mark works, so the library has become my dearest friend. Your book reviews have steered me in the right direction. And...don't let that revolving door hit you!

michelle said...

Interesting reflections. I enjoy being in a city as well, and Marc would happily live in a big city (preferably Paris) forever, but I do really like the comforts of my suburban life.

emily said...

Nice post! I too really enjoy being downtown and joining the urban scene, but nothing beats coming home to the suburbs.

emily said...

I do, however, hate driving downtown and paying ridiculous amounts for parking.

Susan said...

Well said!

Read my quote regarding home on my latest blog! It's perfect for your relfections!

Home is always good.

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