Happy birthday, Number One!

Emily just turned nineteen on Monday. (Back in February, I wrote a tribute to my number one--you can read it here, if you want.) Here are nineteen things about her. She's pretty much amazing. I love her.

1. When we were little and played "The Little Mermaid," I was always Ariel and made her be "the blue one." I think she's recovered from that injustice :)

2. She loves to clean and cleans our house all the time. She even coined the term "Mopping Mondays."

3. She's drawn to domesticity.

4. She has and wears an "I Heart Mom" t-shirt.

5. She introduced me to the wondrous world of Big Gulps.

6. She is the most service-oriented person I know. Regardless of how tired she is or how much she has to do, she will always take time to dust and vacuum, unload the dishwasher, or pick the kids up from school.

7. She has an infectious laugh.

8. She has an unnatural fascination with the ShamWow and all infomercials in general.

9. She's going to be Vince Shlomi, the ShamWow promoter, for Halloween this year.

10. She has a quick and clever wit.

11. She comes up with the funniest poses and has since she was little.

12. She loves Disney Channel shows like Hannah Montana, Sonny with a Chance, and Jonas.

13. She's an incredible pianist.

14. She often thinks she's gangsta. Good grief.

15. She's a peacemaker.

16. She loves big sunglasses.

17. She makes funny faces in the mirror. Her signature face is the Paula Abdul face.

18. She talks in her sleep.

19. She can play most Guitar Hero songs on hard and some on expert.

Emily, you have always been such an example to me of spirituality and obedience. You're an amazing young woman with infinite potential. I love you.

You're my number one.


michelle said...

What a great tribute! I don't know that I've ever met anyone as service-oriented as Emily (maybe Jill). Add to that her quick wit and entertaining ways, and her inspiring spirituality, and you have a number one for sure.

Emily said...

You're making me wish I had a sister :)

Denise said...

Amen to everything on your list! She's pretty much amazing.

Susan said...

I think you've pretty much said it just right! Emily is a lucky sister to have you as well.

This post just makes me happy to have you both in my family. This early life needs to hurry up! I for one, am really looking forward to my cottage in the eternities, with several others surrownding it houses all of you!

WAY cute photos of the two of you!


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