a first, and I hope, a success

The other day I made my first ever chocolate cream pie for Brooke's birthday. (She likes pie better than cake.) The filling turned out pretty good, I think. The pie crust, however, was a hack job. I will be requesting a pie-crust tutorial when I'm home for Thanksgiving. I didn't have any whipped cream to spread on top of the pie, but I think that, overall, my first cream pie endeavor was a success.

In other news:
  • I bought my Christmas ticket for $95.20, round trip. I'm completely serious.
  • I interviewed with Church magazines today for one of their internship positions for next spring/summer. I feel good about my interview. Now I just have to wait more.
  • It's getting cold. I'm adjusting.
  • I love my fall and winter clothes.
  • I hate wind.


paws said...


brooketolman said...

It was delicious!!!!! Definitely a success!!

michelle said...

Chocolate cream pie is definitely a good addition to your repertoire! Yum. Pie crust is tricky, even for seasoned cooks.

How cool to interview with Church magazines! Way to go, you hideous copyeditor, you.

Shiny said...

Hmmm, my dad may be able to help you out on the pie crust problem. Dead serious. Oh and be glad you're not here. There's a foot+ of snow outside and it's STILL SNOWING! It never ends! And yes, wind is the devil.:)

Denise said...

Great looking pie! I can't wait to hear back about your interview, but I guess I'll just have to be patient, too.

I share your abhorrence for wind.

Denise said...

P.S.: Another snow day here--this time we're ALL staying home! It will be a much-needed sewing day for me, and I may try to work in a batch of banana chocolate chip bars.

Diana said...

yum i want some pie.
I love your fall clothes too you always look cute.
We need to have an Office party soon.

Jill said...

The looks beautiful! I have had a couple pie crust tutorials from Michelle but still lack the skills to get it right.

I hate the wind too!

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