Good intentions. . . .

Yesterday, this was my to-do list:
  • Personal finance "Wealth of Great Health" assignment
  • Daily internet task for personal finance
  • read through Howl's Moving Castle chapter 10
  • Finish The Millionaire Next Door
  • Read my scriptures first :)
  • Get through half of History of the Book review sheet
  • Get through three days of personal finance notes and eleven Millionaire Next Door review points
  • Go to Target
  • Clean my sheets and towels
Note that this list was titled "What I HAVE to get done today." How much did I cross off?? Three things: reading my scriptures, going to Target, and doing my laundry. I worked on a couple of the other things but only was able to cross off three things. Oi vey.


Daniel said...

Accidentally too long conversation with friend . . . check.


brooketolman said...

story of my life.

Shiny said...

It sounds like a productive day to me;)

michelle said...

Having a long to-do list and crossing off a couple of items is the story of my life! Even when I think my list is totally doable, it never seems to be in reality.

I didn't know that Howl's Moving Castle was a book!

Jill said...

At least you did the 3 most important things!

I'm cracking up at the "Hakuna Matata" label.

Denise said...

I have a love/hate relationship with lists.

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