Spoooooky . . . or Not

Apparently every year on the Friday before Halloween, the Provo Library holds a scary storytelling up in the attic of the building. The building was renovated a while ago, and the attic was the only part never touched by the remodel. So a scary storytelling up in the attic would be a fun Halloween activity, no?

No, it's not.

I'd never heard of it before now, and there's a reason for that.

The storyteller--Ginger--was . . . well . . . entertaining, I suppose?

Story 1: Three boys can't go trick-or-treating and go to a witch's house instead, because the town grocer told them that "some things that happen on Halloween can't be undone."

Story 2: A woman dies and has her hand cut off. She left a little baby behind whom the innkeepers rear. A creepy peg-leg comes after her and tells her that "she's meddling with magic that she knows not from whence it came from" (yes, that was the spoken syntax--shudder).

Story 3: The evil stepmother gets sick of the stepchildren, so she cooks them and feeds them to their father.

Story 4: A bratty girl dies because she won't listen to her mother.

I was continually laughing because I felt so uncomfortable and the stories were so awful. Spooky? Definitely not. Funny? Only in an uncomfortable way. There's a reason I'd never heard of this particular Halloween event.


michelle said...

Huh. It sounded so promising, too! Is this event geared towards adults? The stories sound a bit too grown-up for kids, but you'd think they'd be scarier for the older crowd.

At least the grammar was scary!

Denise said...

Scary grammar indeed! Was it crowded in the attic? Did she wear a funny costume? Did she ad-lib the stories as she went, or were they actually written in a book? Was there spooky music in the background? Did anyone from the library authorize her to do such a production? Did she realize she was making her audience uncomfortable--in a bad way?

Oh dee. . . .

emily said...

Hahaha. I think that a repeat visit is definitely in for next year.

Diana said...

I never went to it but was always curious good to know now that I don't need to ever fit it in.

Nate and Cami said...

Hahaha! This was the first post I looked for when I found your blog. I remember you saying that that night was 'blog-worthy'. Sometimes I still have nightmares about it. But not 'cause it was scary.

Professional story-teller? Not likely.

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