My mind is pretty much all over the place today. I credit that to Friday. My focusing abilities are pretty much zero. I'm having a hard time even deciding what to post in my un-focused list.

:: I got mail this week from one of my all-time favorites, Sister Katelyn Schwanke. She's been on her mission for about a year now. I miss her terribly, and I'm so inspired by her love and dedication to her calling. Getting mail from her is one of my favorite, favorite things.

:: I see this cooler all day everyday. And sometimes it's really hard not to drink a million Coke Zeros.

:: We're going to the coast this weekend, and I am seriously stoked. This will be my first time to the Oregon coast, and I've heard nothing but wonderful things about it.
:: The biggest fringe benefit of heading to the coast? Not having to teach a Primary lesson.
:: I have lots of pregnant friends (plus more who don't blog and aren't linked), and it's entirely wonderful.
:: We've had lots of flies around the office lately, including a swarm of flies in our doorway. I have a serious fear of accidentally swallowing one.
:: Can you believe it's already June 10? I hardly can.

:: I found a documentary on Netflix streaming about Helvetica. Yes, the font. Seriously, guys, I'm super excited to watch this.

So, this weekend, I'll go to the Oregon coast and you can meet me there. Okay? Okay.

And don't forget—Sunday is the 12th. We all know what that means. Can't wait to see your grids!


Jill said...

I am positively aching for a trip to the beach...I hope you savor yours!

michelle said...

Whoa. That drink cooler is a very happy sight. The bottles are so cute!

I would totally watch a documentary about Helvetica.

I LOVE the Oregon coast. Have a wonderful time!

Cami! said...

Nate says: She's never been to the Oregon COAST!? What kind of a husband is Josh? Not an Oregon husband!

Nate wouldn't even kiss me until I'd seen the Oregon coast.... :-)

Have so much fun!

A Mitton said...

Those Coke bottles are awesome. As is the Oregon coast. One of the greatest places on earth, I'm excited to hear about your trip.

hannah said...

Hurray for the coast! Looking forward to post-coast pictures.

Diana said...

Lou and I went on our honeymoon to the Oregon Coast, I loved it it was so beautiful, hope you and Josh are having fun.

John Wood said...

You would watch a documentary about a font. The sad thing is someone made a documentary about a font. Wow. Just wow.

Denise said...

What--a comment from John Wood?! What's next, a comment from Dad?

I would have a hard time not drinking Coke all day, too. Obviously.

jt said...

Yes, that cooler is delightful.

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