those days

You know those days when you wake up and already have a bad-itude? Those days when you're discouraged by the lame-o economy? Those days when you're overwhelmed by uncertainty? Those days when all you feel up to doing is DPAD (drinking Pepsi all day) and watching a trusted TV show? Those days when you can't stand another zit on your face?

I was having one of those days.

I've spent much of my day in a royal funk, counting the hours until I check out of here for my weekend. I don't know exactly what changed; I talked to Josh on the phone for a few minutes, we hashed out our weekend a bit, and I just felt better.

I mean, not 100-percent better. There's a lingering funk here. But it's not as funky as it was.

Here's to the weekend, readers.


Jill said...

Oh how I hate being in a funk! I have had a couple of days of funk fighting this week and have had to pray for help. I know funks are illogical, unpleasant and potentially damaging but it's so hard to pull out of them.

Diana said...

dang funks :) i hope your weekend will get you out of it.

Ande Payne said...

I had one of those days yesterday too. I like your DPAD idea. I EPRAD. Eat Peach Rings All Day.

Hope your weekend is less funky!!

Ande Payne said...

Also. I'm not following you on pintrest. I just discovered it. So great! And I'm glad I found someone new to follow who has such great taste!

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