Somewhere along the way I've lost summer. And I really want to find it. I remember summers full of pool days and tag outside and afternoon popsicles. I remember the mosquito bites, the neighborhood bike rides, and the reading challenges at the library. I remember the barbecue parties and shopping for new sandals each year.

Somewhere, though, I lost it; as I grew up I imperceptibly disconnected myself from the magic of it all. I started working summers, my summer days being defined by how much money I have to earn for the next school year. I'd spend all day in an air conditioned office sorting invoices or, in the case of last summer, writing magazine articles. I'd get bursts of summer when I'd leave work for the day and walk out into searing July heat or eat burgers on the grill at Grandma's.

I don't know why I let summer slip away from me. Now here I am in 2011, the day after the first day of summer, wondering how to make summer summer again.

My goal this summer is simple: find it.


Jessica said...

I agree! Isn't it so sad that summers are never really the same as when you are a kid!

michelle said...

good goal!

When you have kids, it's hard to lose summer. We still have pool days, popsicles, grilling, and trips to the library.

Jill said...

I know what you mean and hate to tell you that it's never quite the same as the summer euphoria we got to experience as kids. But there are new ways to enjoy it as adults and popsicles still taste good, so making an effort to reclaim summer is a great goal!

Miranda said...

First of all, I completely agree with Michelle.

Second, good luck on your quest to find Summer. It really is fantastic and I am certain you will find what you are looking for.

Susan said...

Hmm. When you get to be a Grandma, it's easy to loose summers too. That is, if you don't live close to the daughters that have the grandchildren!

My summers just seem to be full of long work hours and dreading Christmas inventory coming in the back door. That's right, it's started coming. *sigh* Oh, for the good old days of summer. Can you find mine too?!

jt said...

Okay, first of all- what is the cute font for your comments? Not on this little fill-out form page, but when they are directly on your blog? It's cute and not the norm. Look at the tall 'v's and 'y's specifically.
Oh, and I have a similar post in the works, to break my one month blogging sabbatical.

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