a birthday cake for Grandma

My late grandmother's birthday was yesterday, and in proper Petersen-clan form, I baked a cake in her honor. I tried a new recipe taken from my new book (which I'm in love with), and I was excited to try more cake baking.

It didn't turn out great.


So instead of eating cake to page homage to my grandma, I tossed one straight into the trash. I couldn't even convince myself to have a piece for breakfast.

Grandma knew when to throw a cake, and hell, I do too.

**Edit: I'm sure the problem has more to do with my baking skill than it does the recipe out of the baking bible. Baking Illustrated is super, super awesome.**


emily said...

This is so so sad. :( Grandma would understand.

Miranda said...

Sometimes you have to show a cake who is the boss and if that involves the garbage, so be it. Your grandma will appreciate your effort either way.

A Mitton said...

Charlotte, I've loved reading about your relationship with your grandmother. I think it's lovely.

Ande Payne said...

I've NEVER gotten a cake to turn out without a mix so I am so impressed you bake cakes from scratch...even if you have to throw them out sometimes.

Susan@besusan.com said...

Well, I for one, think that trashing the cake is the perfect homage to Grandma!! She would definitely approve and relate.

I tried a new one as well, and haven't even finished it yet! It's waiting in the freezer for me to finish. (A little ER visit to the hospital has detained my efforts, ugh). I'll keep all posted when completed and hopefully, I can spare it from the garbage...it is a new recipe and fairly complicated, so wish me luck!

Nice try. I sure miss my Mom.

michelle said...

I agree with Mom - throwing a cake is definitely something Grandma could relate to! Hell's bells.

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