spooky to-do list

To-do before Halloween:

:: read Dracula with Miranda (remember my scary book from last year?)
:: go to a corn maze and maybe even a haunted house
:: carve a pumpkin
:: watch Wait Until Dark, Sixth Sense, What Lies Beneath, The Others, and maybe even The Ring
:: attend the ward Halloween party

{via} on Pinterest (obviously)

I am very excited for the spooking that's going to be going on here at the Wilsons'.


Katie Marble said...

I remember one Halloween, Emily and Kirsten Dahlin and I wanted to watch a scary movie but Kirsten and I were too chicken....so we watched Clue! Fun memories!

michelle said...

I enjoy scary movies.

One year we read Frankenstein in October for book club and I really liked it. Maybe I should add Dracula to my list!

Miranda said...

Huzzah! So happy we found a scary book to read. I'm loving this new tradition. :)

Denise said...

I printed the Eat, Drink and be Scary sign and pinned it to the outside of my cubicle at work. It just makes me smile!

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