a styled break-in

Imagine me:

:: Greeting Rachelle at the airport in my new favorite outfit, a plaid wool skirt (that I sewed myself) with a simple mustard cardigan

:: Automatically locking the car door because that's how programmed I am now

:: Realizing that I locked my doors with the keys still in the ignition and the car still running

:: Relieved that I remembered to pop the trunk before locking the doors

:: Thinking that I can probably break into the car through the trunk--Nancy Drew does it all the time

:: Climbing into my trunk still wearing the cute skirt

:: Disregarding the weird looks I'm getting from fellow airport-goers

:: Calling Josh for help on figuring out the trunk break-in strategy while still sitting in the trunk

:: Finding the tabs that push the back seat down

:: Crawling through the trunk and into the car as gracefully as possible, trying hard not to flash the other airport drivers

:: Turning off the car, unlocking the doors, and exiting the car through the doors and not the trunk

:: Feeling awesome because I just pulled a Nancy Drew

Did you imagine all that? Good. Because it wasn't made up. That really happened. And it was probably one of the funniest things I've ever done.


Kristi said...

OMG....that is too FUNNY!!! Thank goodness you were able to get in through the trunk!! A good story to tell.

A Mitton said...

Wow, great story. I am so, so impressed.

Jill said...

Oh my, what an adventure, all while wearing a skirt!

Denise said...

Nancy Drew would have been in a plaid skirt, too! I just hope you didn't have a run-in with Stumpy Dowd.

Laura said...

BAHAHAHAHAHAHA! That is something I would do. Absolutely and completely. I am so glad you had a moment in my life.

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