12 on 12: december 2011 hodgepodge grid

So, confession time: I didn't ever end up doing a November grid. That day ended up being a weird one for me, and I just wasn't in the mood. I kind of feel guilty, but I also kind of feel okay about it.

And another aforementioned confession: The photos in this grid weren't all taken on the same day, but were actually taken over the course of three days. Yes, people, three days, for a 12-on-12 grid. I didn't want to forgo this month's grid like I did with November's, so this month you get the 12-on-12-13-and-14 grid. And, actually, this happens to be one of my favorite grids this year.

01. 12.12--Leisurely morning shower
02. 12.12--Homemade mac 'n' cheese and broccoli, the ultimate comfort food
03. 12.13--Caramel-chocolate-toffee pretzels to take to my coworkers (please note the baker's twine--it's my favorite part of the whole thing
04. 12.13--Glittery Christmas tree
05. 12.13--My current number-one fictional character crush, Neal Caffrey
06. 12.13--My new sewing book that I'm crushing on
07. 12.13--Sunny, cold day
08. 12.13--Leftover homemade mac 'n' cheese
09. 12.13--Blurry photo of my bookseller name tag
10. 12.14--Crashing on the couch before a later work shift
11. 12.14--Packing peanuts from an eBay package
12. 12.14--My Christmas to-do list, but obviously I can't show you--hello, it's Christmas

Did you do 12-on-12 this month?


Jessica said...

I was at DB earlier this week (on the 12!) but sadly you were not there.

michelle said...

I love that you combined pics from 3 days! Sometimes it's such a stretch for me to get photos of 12 different things, I may have to do this sometime as well.

Those are some seriously cute slippers!

Denise said...

Your pretzels look like they turned out well! Really cute with the twine.

Denise said...

Your pretzels look like they turned out well! Really cute with the twine.

Natalie Bergin said...

This is Natalie (Wilde) Bergin. I confessed to you of my blog stalking ways today. I realized I rudely didn't tell you both my name and my blog address. You don't have to stalk me though because I just document my little family's adventures. I think they are the best adventures ever but I am a little biased.


Feel free to correct my grammar if you do look at my blog. There are quite a few mistakes.

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