some holiday favorites

:: A Muppet Christmas Carol DVD at Costco for $12.99. Hello, my childhood.
:: Felt mistletoe (pictures coming soon)
:: The plaid taffeta Christmas skirt I'm sewing for myself--it includes tulle, people. Tulle.
:: The Modern Family Christmas special
:: Nick Lachey as The Sing-Off host--he still has that boy-band smile and swagger, and I love it.
:: Katelyn coming home this month--so excited
:: My freelance article in an online magazine--check it out (mine is on page 46)

I'll be posting some pictures soon of the Christmasing that's been happening around the apartment--so far, this December has been a delightful one.

PS--If you didn't at least preview the Muppet and Nick Lachey links, do. Because they're awesome, and I was really excited to find them.


Camille said...

I LOVE your article! How interesting!
Also, I can't wait to see pictures of your skirt once you're done!!

Miranda said...

I love LOVE the muppet Christmas Carol. I actually remember going to the movie theater to see it! And of course watching it every single year after that.

Your skirt has taffeta AND tulle? Make me one! Or, if you can't, just share the pattern with me?

Jessica said...

That's so exciting! Loved your article! Great job!

Cami! said...

I couldn't find your article on page 46! But then I found it on page 42. I loved it. Also, are we going to get to see you in Oregon this Christmas?

michelle said...

I love the Muppets! Now I want to go buy that DVD at Costco.

A plaid taffeta skirt with tulle?!! Jealous.

I thought Nick Lachey's song with a group on the show far outshone the other two judges. (And I had high hopes for Sara Bareilles!)

Jill said...

I love A Muppet Christmas Carol and have never been able to find it! I'm going to have to check my Costco today!

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