2011 in review

:: Josh and I started teaching the 8- to 9-year-olds at church. Boy, has that kept us on our toes.
:: I admitted an emotional funk.
:: I had some articles published in the New Era.
:: I discovered Fabric Depot.
:: Josh turned 26.
:: I fell in with Jimmer-mania.
:: I had a hard time adjusting to my full-time job downtown.
:: I started sewing, and my first skirt was dubbed "crafty" by an insensitive coworker, and my second skirt gave me hell.
:: I survived my first Oregon winter.

:: We celebrated our six-month-iversary and had no qualms about the cheesiness of it all.
:: I had my first day off of work since Christmas.
:: I filed our taxes and with some of the return bought a KitchenAid
:: I met up with my sister, mom, aunt, and cousin at Women's Conference in Utah.
:: I met one of my kindred spirit friends through blogging, a friend who, incidentally, I had many classes with at school and never got to know until we lived on opposite sides of the country.
:: The rain continued.
:: I ate Lebanese food for the first time.
:: I went to the Oregon coast for the first time and loved it.
:: I had some a serious cake failure.
:: I read many, many books.

:: We spent the Fourth with my family in Colorado.
:: I posted about my strong feelings on feminism and how women are treated in the media.
:: I chopped my hair.
:: I finished writing the wedding thank-yous.
:: I hiked at Mount St. Helens.
:: I stopped working downtown and have never looked back.
:: We went to DisneyLand with the Wilson clan.
:: I turned 24.
:: I planned my fall sewing.

:: I had another cake failure when I tried to bake a cake for my grandma's birthday.
:: We started rock climbing.
:: I made a point of doing spooky things for Halloween.
:: Rachelle came to visit for a whole week, and we rocked Oregon.

:: Josh and I celebrated our first anniversary.
:: I had an emergency root canal.
:: I subscribed to Cook's Illustrated.
:: I started a new job at Deseret Book, a place I never saw myself working until I got there.
:: We celebrated another Wilson Thanksgiving.
:: I added to our Christmas decorations.
:: I experienced working holiday retail hours.
:: I blogged only seven times during December, including this post.

So it was a pretty good year. Nothing super eventful happened, but sometimes years like that are nice. I felt like I really settled into my chosen life. I've felt contentment over my choices and have never been happier than I am right now.

Happy new year, everyone.


A Mitton said...

I made your list. Hells yeah.

Loved the review. Maybe I'll get to one tomorrow...

Jill said...

You had a big year!!!!!

michelle said...

What a big year! Your first year of marriage is huge - adjusting to living together, homemaking, so many changes. I'm super impressed with your sewing prowess and your rock climbing!

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