a blog?

What, I still have a blog? Are you sure? Even though it's been only a week since I've posted, it feels like much longer. December is flying by in twinkle lights, yarn wreaths, Christmas shopping crowds, long work hours, late-night Gilmore Girls episodes, revisiting The X-Files, unfolded laundry, and Christmas sewing.


I have a 12-on-12 grid to post, and this one will be unique, because here's the thing: I didn't manage to take 12 pictures on the 12th, 13th, or 14th, so I'm combining my pictures from all three days to complete the grid. Let's pencil that post in for tomorrow? Okay? Okay.

And my 2011 reading goal? Still behind. Two books behind. Heavens.


A Mitton said...

I've been missing you. Seriously.

Also expect an email from me saying something like, "Hey, I'll be in town in less than a week (!) so we should figure out when our schedules match."

Sooooo excited to see you.


Laura said...

You should read Jonathan Livingston Seagull (again perhaps?). It's short and a good read.

michelle said...

I know exactly what you mean. But I wish my December involved yarn, sewing, and Gilmore Girls. Well, there's always Christmas vacation!!

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