12 on 12: march 2012

01. Stuff You Should Know podcast while getting ready
02. Breakfast and scriptures
03. Folded towels
04. Chick-lit
05. A nap
06. Out of tomato paste
07. Drying laundry
08. Soaking dinner pots
09. More chick-lit
10. Finished chick-lit (isn't that one of the qualifying characteristics for chick-lit, that you can finish it in a day?)
11. Babe bump
12. Arrested Development (Buster is my current favorite AD character)

My day was equal parts productive and relaxing. How was your 12th?


A Mitton said...

I want to know what chick-lit you were reading. Obviously.

Camille said...

I just discovered SYSK a week or two ago! It's great!

Jill said...

That looks like a dreamy kind of 12th!

michelle said...

Babe bump is my favorite pic!

A nap is always welcome. Always.

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