a Monday-ish Monday

Today's Monday felt like a Monday. You know that feeling? That Monday when not only do you have to deal with an insurance billing debacle but you also end up driving the small car to Costco and find that Target doesn't have that mini-propane grill you were hoping to buy.

On top of that you burned your finger on the baking sheet and one of the most likeable characters on your newest show died.

You know, that kind of Monday.

Looking on the bright side, though, I threw together an easy and tasty dinner and got to eat off of a plate that enables you to play with your food (nevermind that it was actually a gift for the baby).

So, I guess this Monday isn't ending so badly.

1 comment:

Laura said...

I see you've made it through season 2. That is a very sad episode. I'm sorry it came on a Monday.

I got stuck in stupid Orem traffic yesterday. That was a bit too Monday for me.

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