an urge--or more

I have this urge to post before I head off to work this morning, but I don't have a solid idea of what to write. Please excuse the lame post title--I have only so much to work with when I need to jet in 10 minutes.

This week I've been filled with the urge to buy everything we need for the baby, to read everything I can about labor and delivery, and to really get that nursery going.

I've had the urge to clean, to maintain the clean, and to--gasp--even do laundry.

I have a surge of motivation to hang pictures that still haven't found a home since our move, to prepare and ship birthday presents, and to actually plan dinners.

I've felt a huge urge to hurry the rest of this pregnancy along, because I'm just really, really excited to meet Mr. Babe. I want him to see Josh and me. I want to hold him and snuggle him and smell his newborn-ness and pat his perfect bum.

Okay, now I have the less pleasant urge to change out of stretchy pants and go to work.


A Mitton said...

That was cute.

I think it's called nesting, isn't it.

paws said...

I forgot to tell you that Serin is your best source for everything labor and delivery related. I'm sure she could recommend some good books.

Breanna said...

YAY for nesting! I painted Lyla's dresser when I was 37 weeks along because my doctor said she was coming early. So, yeah. It was like four days pre-birth. I'm so excited for you! Parenthood so totally rocks, Charlotte. Can't wait for you and Josh to meet your baby!

Sarah W. said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Denise said...

Okay, so Sarah didn't log out of Google on my computer, and when I posted an awesome comment it posted as Sarah's.

ANYWAY. . . . what I wanted to say was:

Would that I were motivated to do the laundry!

Hannah said...

Happy nesting. Two weeks before the twins were born I reorganized and washed all of the boys toys and put them into labeled bins. Then I built a new cabinet for them to fit into. Go, Charlotte! Go!

michelle said...

I love that nesting instinct. I wish I could summon it on demand!

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