relationship status: it's complicated

For a few days in December, I thought that I had reconciled myself with January.

But I haven't. Not really. Perhaps our relationship is better than it was five years ago, but it still needs lots of work. I tackled today with a lengthy to-do list, a list that included specifics like "load dishwasher," "run dishwasher," and "unload dishwasher" all on separate lines to inflate my sense of productivity.

I spent the majority of my day in sequin slippers and spent lots of time on the floor with Asher trying to get him to replicate his rolling over feat of the night previous.

Go easy on me, January. If our relationship is ever to move to an enjoyable place, you must allow me some quality Downton Abbey time in the middle of the afternoon. Thanks.


Camille said...

Girl, I feel ya. January and I have never gotten along. But I think we might this year, but only because I started preparing for it in October with my "Heart Break Free Holidays" mantra. Now that it's Jan 3, and we are safely out of the holiday season, I can say that for the first time since I was probably 18, I didn't end the holidays heartbroken. Wooo! Dishes are still no fun though.

Ande said...

January is the worst. I'm pretty sure I've either cried or yelled every day of the year so far (which could be part of the pregnant crazies, but I tell myself that I'm immune to that). I'm saving Sherlock and Edenbrooke for the middle of January when it gets really bad.

In the meantime, while you're feeling down, you're welcome to come to my house...I have two pounds of Lindor truffles begging to cheer you up and on. And I'll help you cheer for Asher. Win, win, win.

Jill said...

I would think a nester like you would love January! So much time for coziness, baking and stretchy pants!

Denise Wood said...

Downton Abbey has gotten me through the first week.

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