blogging it out

This month has filled my brain with a million ideas of things to do, projects to tackle, habits to form. And I guess that should be no surprise--it is January. I guess the resolution train has never really enticed me before, but this year--for the first time in a very long time--I felt like I should make a list of resolutions. I want to make strides in my writing, work on home improvement projects, and become more skilled in my sewing.

My brain wants to tackle all of these things at once, and my heart knows that holding myself to such a high standard is impossible. So that all leaves me here, blogging it out while I wait for the iron to heat so I can press that fabric that I'm using for my first-ever quilt that I'm going to start piecing. Another project on my docket. Obviously.

How do you decide what to tackle and when? Because I'm afraid if I don't make a plan for some of these things, then I'll never do them. How do you manage your brain buzz? And how do you balance improvement and progress with just being and enjoying?

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