grooves and no grooves

I tried writing this post last night, but I wasn't in my groove. This week has certainly had its grooveless moments.

Like when we woke up in the middle of the night to mice scurrying in our walls. That's gross. And stressful. And when I'm lying there in the dark listening to the rodents, I think about how we'll likely have to fight the HOA to properly take care of the problem. I'm telling you, HOAs are the devil's work.

Then there's the general mom stuff that sometimes awesome and sometimes discouraging. Asher stopped eating string cheese this week, so that brings his total number of acceptable foods down to six.

Other moments haven't been as grooveless. Like when I made this recipe for steel-cut oats and it basically changed my life. Or when I actually started sewing these finger puppets for Asher in an effort to gain a grasp on my not-restful-at-all Sundays.

Almost all my shows had new episodes this week, and Brooklyn Nine-Nine maybe--just maybe--might be surpassing The Mindy Project in funniest show on television according to Charlotte. (The Golden Globes sure think so.) I also spent several hours this week catching up on podcasts, and this program has soared to the top of my must-listen-to-every-week list.

I'm also excited to enter this sewing contest in an effort to win a Bernina sewing machine. I'm almost dying from excitement over here. Except that I'm not, because if I did die, I wouldn't be able to enter. My odds probably aren't great, but seriously, I have to at least try. And worst case scenario, I win nothing and come out with a cute jacket anyway. But really, I need a Bernina. (If Josh is reading this, please take note and plan 2014 gifts accordingly.)

So here we are, Saturday morning, 11:30, and I'm still in my pajamas wearing no bra. What grooves have you found or lost this week?

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