a covetous post

Grandma always cautioned against coveting your own things. You may wonder how that could be a thing, but it is. You know how when you covet something you don't have and obsess about how much you want it? You can covet your own things by continuing to be obsessed with how much you love owning it. That's a quandary I find myself in.

Josh gave me this bluetooth speaker for Christmas, and I'm smitten. I carry it around with me everywhere in the house. I use it to listen to music, podcasts, audiobooks, and TV streaming. I can perch it out of the way in the kitchen while I cook or in the bathroom while I do my makeup, or even in my bed when I watch late-night Netflix shows on the iPad. I have to charge it about only once a week, and Josh scored extra bonus points with that orange case. You may think this is a sponsored post, but it's not. I just really, really love this gadget so, so much.

So. Ownership coveting is a thing. And I'm afraid that I've come acquainted with the condition.

Do you own anything you risk coveting? Does ownership coveting make you feel guilty?


Miranda said...

First of all, I'm going to obsess over wanting one of these now. Second of all, I actually never feel guilty for coveting my own stuff. I always think about those studies where they talk about how something new makes you happy and the longer you have it the less you care about it. (I'm paraphrasing because I'm typing with my thumbs.) Anyway, I feel like when I keep loving something deeply then I didn't just throw my money away. Obviously it is just a thing and isn't as important as a million other aspects of my life, but it is good to know when money is well spent. Does that make sense?

Jill said...

I need one of those!! I'm happy for the recommendation. I carry my phone all over the house while I listen to music and podcasts and books but the sound isn't very good.

Holly said...

I feel no guilt! Rather than coveting, I think of the adage "love what you have, not what you want." There is value in gratitude, particularly things that you both enjoy and put to good use. Funny thing...I was thinking of doing a whole series of blog posts about "game-changing objects"...stuff I love and couldn't live without. I was embarrassed by how many things there are that I'm in love with though...maybe it is coveting? Likely a bit of both.

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