Our Valentine evening was low-key and lovely. Josh brought home a pizza and we snuggled while watching Monster's University. It wasn't anything to make a movie about, but we liked it. Saturday I went to Fabric Depot with a friend (both of us were kid-less, and it was gold), and we both went a little textile-crazy. It was a delight. And since then I can hardly tell you what I've been doing. The past few days have been a bit of a blur.

I've been reading here and there, sewing a bit, and battling this finicky migraine that pretends to go away but inconsiderately comes back. I'm woefully behind on laundry and though the chore is a necessity my motivation to tackle it is zero compared to how badly I want to sew or read.

When I put Asher to bed tonight, I should have known he wasn't going to go down easy when he playfully growled after the lights went out. When that kid gets wound up he means it.

What has your lately looked like? Mine contains nothing noteworthy, just several little things that are important to just me. You know what I mean?

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