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I was going to talk about celebrity crushes today and how my celebrity is gorgeous and gay, so even in an alternate reality, this crush wouldn't amount to much of anything besides turning into a rom-com parody about that girl who's in love with her best friend but that friend happens to be gay. In a movie with Matt Bomer playing himself, I'd be the beard.

So I was going to write this witty post all about celebrity crushes, and how my celebrity girl crush is JLaw and Josh's boy crush is Ewan McGregor. But really there isn't much of a post there beyond adding some pretty photos. (And really, who doesn't have a crush on JLaw?)

Today I'll leave you with some lovey links to past Valentine's posts, because my brain is currently sputtering on fumes.

You can read about what Valentine's Day looked like for me last year.

And you can read a series of posts about mine and Josh's love story. Sometimes I'm still amazed that the two of us actually worked out.

Check out this post including Harry Potter Valentines, the best of all the Valentines, obviously.

This is a very short post from 2012 about imperfect love.

And this post is where I detail my rejoicing at deciphering Josh's love language, because let me tell you, I'm a love languages believer.

Of all those links, I'd most recommend the love story one. Of all the love stories out there, I've got to say that mine and Josh's is my favorite one.

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Shilah said...

I finally read all about love languages and it was a revelation! I've never forgotten about your post about discovering Josh's love language. And I don't know if this will be welcome information or not but Craig's celebrity crush is also Ewan McGregor. Has Josh seen Big Fish? Best Ewan McGregor role ever and partial inspiration for Edward's name. You can maybe mention to Josh that he and Craig share that attraction but it's up to you. Maybe they are better off not knowing that about themselves?

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