the Albion fledgling jacket

I'm entering a sewing contest to win a Bernina sewing machine, and if you've read any of my recent posts, you'll know that already. And to put this prize in perspective, a Bernina is the Cadillac of sewing machines. You can understand how I'd never forgive myself if I didn't at least enter the contest!

The contest is to sew this pattern (contest details can be found here). I sewed version 2, a lightweight duffle jacket. I found my fabric at Colorado Fabrics in the home decorator fabrics. It's a chartreuse bird-print medium-weight canvas. I love how textured the print is, and the birds remind me of something wild and abstract without being so wild and abstract.

I found the cream toggles on eBay and used orange twill tape for the toggle closures and the drawstring.

Perhaps my favorite part of the jacket is the hood. I wanted to use a knit, and tried thrifting for a large cream cable-knit sweater to use. My search turned up empty, especially when the acceptable sweaters I found were over $10 (way too much for thrifted fabric, when fabric by the yard would be far more economical). Instead I found a lightweight cream knit at the fabric store and cut out two of each pattern piece to make for a heavier overall knit hood. 

I used quilting cotton for the bias tape binding the finishes and installed a zipper to increase the coat's overall warmth.

I really enjoyed this entire project and have already worn my coat out several times! The orange accent in the coat is probably my favorite part. Unless it's the knit hood or the bird print. I'm uploading my entry right now, so send good vibes my way!


Denise Wood said...

It's SO cute!! I love everything about it and am sending many good vibes your way. Good luck!

Sue Cochrun said...

Good vibes.... Good luck
It is darling and fashionable.

Camille said...

Incredible!! You are so talented!!

Nancy said...

You did such a great job. Your choice of fabrics and finishes are amazing. I think you have an excellent chance of winning, but even if you don't, you have gained so much by pushing yourself to make this coat. Well done!!! I am impressed.

Nancy said...
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