this week around the house

finally tidied the sewing room. Just in time for more projects. (See that melted part of my machine? Only one of the many reasons I need to win that Bernina.)

Tuna fish has been the theme of my lunches, alongside a nice cold can of Diet Pepsi.

The laundry has been in limbo between attended to and neglected.

These lovelies arrived in the mail, and I have a few plans for each of them.

These tulips have had a beautiful and graceful run this week.

Thin Mints have been sabotaging my efforts to track Weight Watchers points. I open the freezer and there they are, inviting me to the party. And oh what a tasty party it is.

Right now the weather outside is 60 degrees, and we spent all morning at the park. And when I get the boy up from his nap, we'll probably go hit up another one. Because when it's 60 degrees in March in Portland, you go to the park.

1 comment:

Jill said...

Why is the back of your machine melted?

Laundry for 3 can't be too bad right? You don't iron everything do you?!!

I love, love, love the tulip photo!

I haven't gotten my Girl Scout Cookies yet.

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