the thing about spring

The thing about spring is that you forget how much you love 65-degrees until you actually have a 65-degree day. The thing about spring is that when it comes around you hold fast to it, because you never know how long it will stick.

Spring is full of paradox, because the warmer temperatures, sun, and fresh air make you want to throw open windows, declutter closets, and deep clean. But it also makes you just want to spend the whole afternoon outside reading.

You realize that you won't have to wear sweaters forever, so you start scheming your spring wardrobe, and if you sew, your project list probably fills up quick with sundresses, skirts, and flowing blouses.

You start swinging by the outdoor furniture section of Target at least once a week and decide to replace that stupid $20 grill with a nicer, albeit still small, $90 one. You remember all those summer recipes you love and plop those in the menu plan.

Even your toddler knows that something is going on, because once you step out the front door, he grabs your hand and takes you to the park around the corner. Because he just knows it's there. And he points to every. single. airplane. he sees in that beautifully cloudless sky.

The thing about spring is that it's lovely. And sunny. And not cold. And not hot. Just lovely.

PS For those wondering about the Albion contest, voting for participants starts today. Only those who entered get to vote. Every entrant gets to vote for their top-five and can't vote for themselves. The winners will be announced next Tuesday! Keep those fingers crossed!

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