The Daily Grind and Grinding Headache

Well, I flew back to Denver yesterday morning (on a 7:10 a.m. flight!! Eek it was early!) and it was actually a really nice day. I anticipated it being kind of blah, mainly because I was bummed to leave, but I was really relaxed the whole day. Church wasn't bad and Mom, Grandma, and I left before Relief Society so we could go and get dinner ready. It had to be early yesterday because all the men had to go to a stake priesthood meeting at 6:00 and we don't usually sit down to eat until about 7:00 or so on Sundays. Anyway, dinner was great and then I napped a bit (that early flight left me really tired), scrapbooked, and tried to get to bed earlier than usual.

The rest of the weekend with Bella went really well. Saturday she was awesome and only freaked out once or twice for not very long. Timm came home early from the symposium, made us steaks for dinner, and then we hung out with Lou and Diana for the night. It was really relaxing and lots of fun!

Today however, has not been as great. I didn't want to begin the week anyway after a laidback weekend in Provo and work did not sound like any fun last night when I realized I had to return to real life. First, my run this morning was a bit longer than usual (55 minutes) and since I run according to a program I can't really shorten it without feeling the large weight of runner's guilt. So I had to wake up earlier than I normally do, my run today was pretty difficult (10 minutes running, 1 minute walking for 5 times), and ever since mid-morning I've had this whole-head-encompassing headache and my neck and shoulders really ache. I hope I'm not getting sick, but I just want to go home and crash for the night. Alas, I can't go straight home because Emily and I need to go to our friend's piano lesson and practice this "2 pianos, 8 hands piece." It's actually a pretty cool arrangement of "Battle Hymn of the Republic," but I just don't feel up to playing vigorously. I think I'll just have to hold out for when her lesson is over and I can go home and put on my pajamas.

Sorry for the complaining post--hopefully the rest of the week won't be as grinding as today.


Diana said...

I had so much fun with you this past weekend. I love spending time with you it seems like we never run out of things to talk about with each other.
So happy Bella was a pretty good girl for you it's hard for little ones to be away from their mommies.
I wish I could come to one of your Sunday family dinners.

michelle said...

Runner's guilt... who knew? 2 pianos and 8 hands sounds like so much fun.

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