Bella-sitting and Free Lance Writing

First things first, this weekend Jessie and Timm flew me out to Provo so I could watch Bella while Jessie househunts and Timm goes to his wood symposium. It's all gone pretty well and I'm impressed with how well Bella is doing without her mom here. Bella is pretty good at entertaining herself and she talks all the time (fortunately after 2 days here I can understand her gibberish pretty well). Last night though she started having freak outs. After she woke up from her nap, we called Jessie so she could talk to Bella and Bella was really excited, but after Jessie got off the phone, Bella suddenly seemed to realize her mommy definitely wasn't here she panicked. Screaming "MOMMY!!!!!! MOMMY!!!!!!!" and holding the phone to me she had a little break down. I was able to calm her down and then distract her so it wasn't so bad. I anticipate a few more freak outs today, but I'm sure it will all be alright.

Yesterday was definitely a nice and relaxing day. Bella is such a laid back kid and so I took a leaf out of her book and took things easy yesterday. While Bella colored yesterday morning I spent my time finishing up some free lance articles that were due (more on that in a minute) and I continued to finish them all through her nap. Her biggest freak out came right before bedtime after her nap and then I put her to bed. Then the night was my own. I made myself some mac and cheese, put on the movie "Sneakers," and just lounged around. I had a huge bowl mint chocolate chip ice cream and after the movie was over I read a bunch of my book ("Ladder of Years"--it's an interesting story but I don't find myself really liking the main character). It was definitely a laid back kind of day and I expect today to be much of the same (without the free lance articles).

Anyway, about the free lance stuff. I'm an editing minor and because of that I get emails all the time from the school about internships, jobs, meetings, seminars, and various job opportunities. Anyway, I got this email a couple of weeks ago about this guy who needed someone to write some contract articles for him and so I thought "Well, if it's contract work then I could probably do the whole thing over email" so I wrote him back. It's for a general interest website (I'll get the address soon). Now I'm writing short 400 word articles about general interest stuff and I get about 50 in a batch to write. I just sent in my first batch last night and so I'm hoping they're what he wanted (I wrote 5 practice articles and he liked them so hopefully this will continue). This first batch was all in the "beauty" category and some of the topics I was able to pump out 400 words without breaking a sweat, but some of them were so frustrating! Some of the topics that took a bit more research and time were "Laser Hair Removal, Understanding a Spring/Summer/Autumn/Winter person (I think those seasonal colors are retarded), and my personal favorite "Fixing a Torn Earlobe." Are you kidding me?! A torn earlobe? The only way I could get through that one was to be sarcastic. I had to write this last batch in a week and 50 400 word articles are actually really hard to write in just a week! I'll be asking for more time next time.

I'm really excited about this free lance thing--it sounds so legitimate. I think it's cool to say "Yeah, I write a few free lance things on the side,"--it sounds so sophisticated. I'm pretty stoked. Plus this could get me some needed grocery money next fall and it will look great on a resume. And now I'm done for the weekend, I can really kick back today. Anyway, this has been long enough. I let you know how the day with little Bella goes--so far it's been great!


Jill said...

You are good to come babysit Bella for the week, that's hard for anyone to do especially when you don't have kids of your own.

Hang in there with Ladder of Years. I love that book and think Delia (isn't that her name?) gets a bad reputation. Maybe I can relate too well to wanting to leave my family sometimes. I like that book though.

Score on your free lance writing, that's exciting and impressive!

michelle said...

Freelance writing sounds pretty cool to me. Hey, you're getting paid to write! That's good any day of the week. I think it would be pretty fun to be an editor. But then, I'm a geek.

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