Not a Weirdo

So last Thursday I actually went to ice cream with the boy who asked me out via scribbled note and a bit surprisingly, he's not a weirdo! I think he was just shy when he gave me the note and over ice cream he wasn't really flirty at all which was nice; that said to me he really did just want to get to know me a bit. Here are a few quick facts about the boy:
  • His name is Trevor Bowen
  • He's an English major, Tourism minor
  • He plans to go into the family insurance business when he graduates in April
  • He travels a lot
  • His dad was a mission president in Barcelona for 3 years. That's where Trevor graduated high school
  • His dad is currently an area authority in Argentina
So ice cream was only about an hour which was nice and didn't leave too much room for awkward moments and when we were talking, Conference came up and I mentioned how I'd never been before. Trevor said he could get me tickets to any session I wanted and so (as in the former post) I went. The one weird thing about it though was that I met most of his family, which wouldn't normally be a big deal, but I've only met Trevor once and the family was kind of thinking "oo la la." His dad is Shayne Bowen and so I met him and Trevor's mom. We sat with his sister and brother-in-law and the one weird thing about that was that his sister is my age and married . . .

I met his parents after the morning session and then it took us all a while to make it out of the Conference Center because so many people were stopping Elder Bowen to talk to him. (He has quite the entourage with people hailing from both Spain and Argentina). Most of these encounters included whoever knew Elder Bowen wanting to be introduced to the family so those situations went something like this: "This is my daughter Brecca, her husband Chris, our son Trevor, and his . . . friend Charlotte." "Friend" was then interchangable with date and even girlfriend once. I don't think there would have been a way to make those introductions any less awkward so I just smiled and shook hands and tried to make conversation when I could. Another thing that was pretty funny was that they all spoke Spanish (the Bowens and the people who knew them). Probably 90 percent of the people Elder Bowen stopped to talk to were Spaniards or Argentines and so I just stood there totally lost as everyone spoke in rapid Spanish (this included Trevor, Brecca, and Chris). Good grief . . .

We got to eat lunch in the basement cafeteria of the Church Office Building--it was kind of cool. I felt like I had VIP access, plus we parked in the General Authority parking lot. After the last session we drove up to his parents' Salt Lake house where he picked up his car and drove me back to Provo, (which car ride wasn't awkward so that was good). So overall, it was fun and Conference was definitely a way cool experience. With Trevor's family and all, mostly it was fine, but I did feel the daughter-in-law radar on; however I think I can take that as a compliment. Overall consensus: He's really nice but I'm not really attracted right now. I would go out with Trevor again, but probably not super soon because right now I'm indifferent, but I am leaving the door open for maybe swinging the other way. We'll see. If anything, at least I have a new friend!

So that's my story of the boy who asked me out with a note and if there are any updates later, I will most certainly apprise you!

**Addendum: Sunday night I realized I gave a Relief Society lesson last year on the talk his dad gave in last October's Conference . . . weird! (His dad gave the talk about the Atonement and the landfill--"The Atonement Can Clean, Reclaim, and Sanctify Our Lives" Yeah--that's his dad . . . )


Diana said...

It is weird when your not a girlfriend and you meet the family. It's been a long time since that's happened to me but I can still remember the akwardness.
I am happy that you found a new friend if nothing else, those are always good to have, especially guys, they are great friends.
I'm jealous of all your VIP situations this past conference it sounds like so much fun.

Melissa Marilyn said...

What a fun experience, minus the awkwardness. Luckily you are cool under pressure and cute to boot. Weird about the celebrity thing and your lesson!

Jill said...

That's quite a story. I'm glad he's not a weirdo and glad you got to go to Conference. It's totally weird to meet a guy's family that early-on in a relationship/friendship, but at least they were super nice eh?

Maybe you should be taking Spanish. Ha.

michelle said...

That is a bit awkward meeting the family when you barely even know the guy. But they sound like a nice family! Kinda cool to get the VIP treatment. Not so cool about the rapid Spanish conversations... bottom line, I'm glad he wasn't a weirdo!

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