So my new favorite trend is the headband. I just love them! What I especially like about the wide headbands is that they don't squish my head and give me headaches--that was always my problem with headbands growing up and I hated them until recently when I borrow some of Emily's. When I discovered they didn't give me headaches I ran with it and seek to increase my collection whenever possible. Just recently I've bought about four more and I love them all. When Emily was here we went to Target and I got a way cute red patent leather one and I'm pretty much in love. Then about a week ago I realized that my Ann Taylor LOFT $25 savings card expired the next weekend and so of course I rush online to see what I can buy. With this particular promotion you had to spend $50 to get $25 off (which is never a problem with the LOFT) and so I indulged in some cyber shopping. The results were this:
  • a way cute denim jacket that was on sale
  • a red and tan plaid headband that was on sale
  • a camel corduroy headband with a gold embellishment that was on sale
  • a chocolate patent leather headband that was on sale
This is Katelyn and me at Riverwoods last night and that's my new denim jacket

Pretty much it was amazing and the package came on Friday. I'm wearing the chocolate patent leather one today and wore the camel corduroy one yesterday. I just love headbands--they make me feel happy and cute and trendy and I think they make my hair look cute. Here's a picture of my complete headband collection:

So I know it's blurry, but it's a closer shot than the previous

So on to a quick recap of my Saturday. I did homework all day and am still behind--it's so depressing when you work hard all day and don't feel like you've really accomplished anything because you're still behind. Anyway, our apartment went out to to dinner at Bajio's in the Riverwoods and then we headed over to the University Mall and shopped for a while. I didn't buy anything except for a cute hoodie sweater at Aeropostale (I've never bought anything there until now--they do have some cute sweaters). Then we went to DQ afterwards and got yummy twist cones. It was definitely a needed break because school has really been stressing me out and I have my second round of midterms this weekend. A night out was definitely what I needed.

So tonight our apartment is making spaghetti and then we have a ward fireside (I try to suppress a groan). I'm just not feeling it tonight--I just want to be a hermit and scrapbook.


Melissa Marilyn said...

I am envious of your headbands and am determined to get more. I got a really cute one from Emily and the Kids for my birthday that is black with white polka dots and I love it. I think that wearing cute accessories will help you to do better on your midterms! Good luck and have a great week.

dpw said...

That chocolate patent one is too cute, and I'm equally envious of the one with the gold embellishment. I missing you lots tonight and wishing it was time for Thanksgiving--except that I'm not ready for it yet! EEk. Time is passing much too quickly and I too am feeling like I'm accomplishing little, or perhaps more aptly stated, never enough.

jt said...

i share your headband fetish. At least mine is a fetish. Tell K i said hi :)

Robin said...

Hmmm...I'll have to try headbands out again sometime. I also hated the "squished head" feeling when I was little. Now I just need to get the courage to step out of my boring hair "comfort zone" ;)

Good luck with all the school! Man, I used to hate those productive yet non-productive feeling days. They still happen sometimes at work too.

Diana said...

I love all your headbands. You are always dressed so cute and your acessories are always so cute too.
So sorry Thursday didn't work out. Can you come this Thursday?

Jill said...

That's quite the headband collection. I tend to get headaches from them too so I haven't tried any in a long time.

michelle said...

I love headbands too. I have several but I don't wear them that much because they just don't look that cute on me! Yours are darling.

dpw said...

I need a new post!

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