American Idol=Guilty TV Pleasure

So basically, I'm a huge fan of American Idol. It's silly, it's fun, and it gives me needed breaks in my week. I've already accepted the fact that I'm a TV junkie to some degree, but I figure I'm past the denial phase, and now I can work on acceptance . . . okay, accepted. So, last night was the first night with the Top 12, and I honestly wasn't too impressed. Oh well, hopefully next week will be an improvement. So, my favorite contestant: David Archuleta all the way. He is 17 and from Murray, UT, and probably one of the cutest 17 year old guys ever, and his voice is pretty much amazing. I think I really like him because he actually does have a really good voice, he's a humble guy, and he kind of reminds me of my brother in facial expressions and just the little boy look little Archuleta has going on.

Maybe I'm the only one seeing the resemblance; let me know what you think.

So, last night David's performance wasn't so hot, but I'm pretty sure he has a strong enough fan base to get him through to next week's round. I'm totally voting for Archuleta, and yes, I do actually vote. I figure, it's better to just admit it than try to hide it. :) We'll find out tonight who gets the boot, and it better not be David. I'll have to find out from my friend Katie because alas, I have class from 7-9. What does orchestra think it's doing interfering with my American Idol? Ha, just kidding.

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michelle said...

I'm a total fan of American Idol -- that's just some good TV there. I was glad David A. wasn't in the bottom three. Yes, last night was sad for him, but usually he is GREAT. Whew!

I wanted the blonde girl to go, though (is her name Kady?). Now we have to hear her sing again next week... and I vote as well.

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