This week has just been really weird for me. I can't quite place my finger on it, but I've been really thrown off; I don't know if it's the time change, the fact that I forgot my glasses at home and my mom had to overnight them to me, the fact that I've spent hours and hours within the past two days reading "Great Expectations" for British Lit compelling me to take the morning off of work to read, the fact that I woke up late today, or what. But whatever it is, this week is just weird. I woke up late this morning (I'm blaming it on the time change), and then spent 3 hours reading "Great Expectations," which I still didn't finish for class. It feels like a Monday, but thank goodness it's a Tuesday. Everything just seems slightly off today.

My violin lesson was kind of funny today. I was only able to practice once since my last lesson, and so I was kind of dreading today because I knew my teacher would be able to tell; that's usually what happened. However, I played an etude where intonation was the focal point, and last week it didn't go so well, so I was worried about this week. He said it sounded so much better than last week, and told me to keep up the good work. When I played my concerto, he thanked me for practicing, and he said he could really hear a difference. Huh . . . I just went along with it. I almost said something at the beginning of the lesson about my lack of practicing, but decided that teachers don't want apologies so I wouldn't give one. Oh the power of pretending!

I'm chilling out a bit tonight. I've already done the reading and homework for tomorrow, so currently I'm watching American Idol, and I plan to either run outside or go work out at the gym, and start studying for my British Lit test that's on Thursday. I hope this week starts un-weirding itself because it's really throwing me off.


Jill said...

I hate it when days feel weird like that too. I'm totally thrown off by the time change and am basically fighting it (do you think I'll win?). It's not good. The seasons are changing, the time is changing so we are changing and it's uncomfortable. Good luck to you this week!

Diana said...

The time change is totally throwing off me and the kids luckily we don't ever have anywhere where we have to be.
I hope your week gets better. Good job on your lesson, I used to love when that happened.

michelle said...

Good job on faking out your teacher!

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